About Us

The ICT Industry Council of the Philippines (ICTIC) is a non-profit advocacy organization (NGO) registered under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), dedicated to driving continuous development and addressing the evolving needs of the Philippines' ICT industry. We are a diverse collective of passionate individuals from across the ICT spectrum, committed to serving as a neutral platform for collaboration and progress.

Our Mission

To help the ICT industry, professionals, students and the public promote themselves and their environment by providing resources, sharing knowledge, building capacity and forging partnerships involving the public and private sectors.

Our Vision

Enabler of ICT professionals, channeling essential best practices to bridge the gap between technology, people, and the industry.

Landscape of our Culture

ICTIC will be a venue for (a) academic research presentations by faculty and students; (b) empowering technological entrepreneurship; and (c) IT collaboration and partnership.

The Road Ahead

Shared Best Practices

ICTIC will be a venue to share IT Best Practices for professionals.


ICTIC will offer events, seminars, conferences and likes in partnership with public/private institutions.


ICTIC will also offer Executive and Technical Course/Programs.


ICTIC will be a consultant to the Government/Private institutions providing FREE and PAID services.


ICTIC will be an IT nerve center and could plainly be a hangout with friends and buddies, either physically or virtually.

Our Guiding Principles

Agnostic Advocacy

We champion the collective good, unbiasedly fostering collaboration and innovation to benefit the entire industry.

Demand-Driven Action

We listen attentively to the industry's needs, responding with initiatives that create meaningful change.

Inclusive Collaboration

We embrace diverse perspectives and expertise, recognizing that collective action is essential for a thriving digital future.

Our Catalysts for Change

Strategy & Policy Committee

Guides the organization's strategic direction and policy advocacy efforts.

Education & Advocacy Committee

Nurtures a skilled and empowered workforce through education, training, and thought leadership.

Innovation & Technology Committee

Champions emerging technologies, R&D collaborations, and industry standards development.

External Relations, PR & Partnerships Committee

Connects the Philippines to the global ICT landscape, fostering international partnerships and knowledge exchange.

Membership & Engagement Committee

Cultivates a vibrant community of ICT professionals, fostering active participation and collaboration.

Ethics & Sustainability Committee

Promotes responsible technology use, ethical practices, and sustainable development within the industry.

And more

Our dedicated committees for Communications & Marketing, Finance & Administration, Legal & Compliance, Regional Chapters, and Working Groups ensure a comprehensive approach to fulfilling our mission.

From Towers to Circles: A New Chapter for ICTIC

Old ICTIC Logo New ICTIC Logo

The iconic twin towers of the old ICTIC logo, once a testament to the bond between friends who dared to dream, have gracefully bowed out. In their place, a vibrant blue circle emerges, pulsating with the energy of a transformed vision. This is not a mere update; it's a metamorphosis, a story of evolution etched in pixels.

The circle, encompassing the word "ICTIC" in bold white letters, speaks of unity. It's a symbol of inclusivity, where every member, veteran or junior, finds their place within the vibrant embrace of the organization. The blue, once solely representing the vast ocean of the ICT industry, now shimmers with a deeper meaning. It reflects the boundless potential within each individual, the collective brilliance that illuminates the path forward.

Gone is the rigid rectangle, a relic of the past. The new logo breathes with the fluidity of change, of adaptation to the ever-shifting landscape of technology. It's a dynamic orb, constantly in motion, mirroring the relentless pursuit of innovation that defines ICTIC's spirit.

But amidst the transformation, one thing remains constant: the unwavering commitment to brotherhood and camaraderie. The circle, after all, is the ultimate symbol of unity, a closed loop where support flows freely and ideas spark like constellations. It's a reminder that even as ICTIC soars to new heights, its foundation remains the same – the unbreakable bonds forged in the fires of friendship and shared passion.

So, raise a toast to the new logo, a beacon of progress that doesn't forget its roots. It's a testament to ICTIC's journey, a visual narrative of growth, and a promise of a future where technology and humanity dance hand-in-hand, forever bound by the invisible threads of brotherhood and unwavering support.

This new story, woven with threads of blue and white, is just the beginning. The circle beckons, inviting every member to step inside and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of ICTIC's future. Let the story continue, let the logo come alive, and let the Philippines embrace the transformative power of technology, guided by the unwavering spirit of ICTIC.

Board of Directors

David Balamon
Co-Founder | Chairman
Christian Maristela
Co-Founder | Vice-Chairman
Arnel F. Celis
Board of Director | Corporate Secretary
Arvin de Torres
Co-Founder | Board of Director | Treasurer
Jovie Macapagal Nono
Co-Founder | Board of Director
Dennis Franco Miranda Layug
Board of Director

Leaders and Officers

Riki Dacanay
Shera Ann Sanchez
Vice President
Teddy Theanne
Data Protection Officer | Regulatory Compliance
Luigi Carlo De Jesus
Innovation and Technology
Steve Jimenez
Finance & Administration
Luigi Auriemma
External Relations, PR & Partnerships
Carmela Padasas
Membership & Growth
John Calvin Go
Kyle Gabriel Reynoso
Communications and Youth Engagement
Atty. Hazel Manaog-Mendoza
Legal Adviser


Antonio G. Maralit
Laudemer Solidum
Anthony Lichauco