ICT Industry Council of the Philippines (ICTIC) is the proud supporting organization of PROTECT 2024, on April 18-19.

The conference, organized by Leverage International (Consultants) Inc., will offer both in-person attendance at the New World Makati Hotel and a virtual participation option, ensuring accessibility for a diverse and global audience.

"Tremendous challenges ushered the beginning of this decade - pandemic, economic collapse, a rush towards digitalization and dependence on the internet, political strifes around the world, a lot of social unrest, disruptive technologies and a surge in cyber attacks causing an alarming threat to the cyberworld. These developments led us to believe that a new global approach to SECURITY is evolving and must be encouraged and supported as a government - private - sector partnership."

PROTECT 2024 will bring together policymakers, legislators, CEOs of various industries, financial institutions, academe, security experts, the military, scientists and all stakeholders of security in an atmosphere of cordial dialogue and network thinking.

For more information, please visit:

For those who are interested to participate, please contact the Secretariat at or call +(632) 8810-1389.