Wicked Public Affairs and ESG Risks: People, Process and Cyber Wicked Risks

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Taming Wicked Risks: Get smart, Get Prepared

In this 50-minute session, we will delve into the concept of "Wicked Risks," a specialized category of wicked problems that are particularly pertinent to organizations, including those in the technology industry. Wicked problems are complex challenges that defy simple definitions and solutions, often characterized by an unknown range of potential consequences, unmeasurable information for solving, and differing stakeholder perspectives​​.

Examples of Wicked Risks:

  • The Greenwashing Dilemma in Tech
  • New Data Localization Law in the Philippines
  • Risks from Disgruntled Employees or Criminal Organizations in the Philippines
  • AI Risks in the Customer Service Sector
  • Deepfake Technology Risks in the Philippines

The session will not provide direct solutions to these wicked risks since wicked risks are by nature unpredictable, lack of precedent, and difficulty in identifying solutions. Instead, it will focus on strategies to understand and tackle them effectively. This includes:

  • Understanding the wicked problem from multiple angles.
  • Utilizing brand identity and governance in formulating potential solutions.
  • Experimenting with actions and learning from their outcomes - an essential aspect of dealing with wicked risks vs. crisis scenario planning
  • Anticipating and preparing for future wicked problems through constant reassessment of business assumptions

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